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REMINDER: Our fresh meat order cut off times have changed.

Please place all fresh meat orders by 12 noon for next day delivery and 12 noon FRIDAY for delivery SATURDAY & MONDAY.

Salt Aged Beef | Shop All

We are proud to offer superb quality salt aged beef from our very own salt Chamber. The Himalayan salt wall imparts an unparalleled flavor infusion, creating the perfect ambiance for the concentration of meat flavors.

NEW Salsus Stocks & Sauces | Shop Now

Salsus produce a wide range of stocks, demi galce and  sauces with a genuine great taste. Made in the heart of Norway. All of their broth and sauces  are made with a unique, environmentally friendly, efficient technology and fresh Norwegian raw materials.

NEW Arturo Sanchez | Shop Now

Bringing you the finest traditional flavours of Spain. Arturo Sánchez has had a passion for more than 100 years to create year after year the Best Iberian Product, unique among Iberian products.

NEW Lime Caviar | Shop Now

This lime caviar presents 100% natural finger lime pearls meticulously extracted from premium Australian fresh finger limes. These pearls contain no additives, ensuring their pure, vibrant taste.

NEW Umai Caviar | Shop Now

Located on the 25th parallel north in the mountains at an altitude of over 2000 metres. Offering the cleanest air, fresh spring water and the optimal climatic conditions to breed sturgeon and produce the finest caviar. 

NEW Rosso Di Mazara Red Prawns | Shop Now

These red prawn di Mazara are caught in the Mediterranean Sea in pristine waters. Considered by many as the best prawn in the world. Red Prawns have slightly sweet notes with a pleasant smoky sensation at the end of tasting.

NEW Llum Del Mediterrani Centenari Olive Oil | Shop Now

The purest olive oil in the world. Llum del Mediterrani is made from centenary olive trees of the rare olive variety Farga grown in the lands of the Senia in Catalunya.

Seasonal Fresh Prep

From all the basics to produce that steals the show, save time in your kitchen.

From the Salt Chamber

Red deer venisons, free range ducks and beef striploins. 

UK Seasonal Produce

Exceptional range of seasonal lines this year from some top UK growers.

Japanese Wagyu Beef

Now Available A5+ Grade Joshu Wagyu striploin and steak.

French Alsace Bacon | Shop Now

Authentically crafted in the Alsace region of France, this Bacon Alsace is a culinary masterpiece. Made from the finest cuts of pork, expertly cured, and delicately smoked, this bacon boasts a rich, savoury flavour with a hint of traditional French sophistication.

Creedy Carver | Shop Now

Our free range ducks come from a popular poultry farm Creedy Carver in Devon, who specialise in producing the finest Free Range Duck. Delivered fresh to Caterite and salt aged in a controlled environment, in order to enhance the flavour.

NEW Dry Aged Retired Galician Beef | Shop Now

Matured between 30-45 days these striploins are hand selected for their fat infiltration, colour and texture to achieve optimal flavour. 

Featured Fresh Produce  | Shop All

Selection of fresh produce carefully selected by our fresh teams to give you the very best of fresh.

Who we are and what we do

“It’s simple, Caterite aim to supply the finest ingredients and produce to chefs by working directly with suppliers, growers and producers throughout the UK and from around the world.”

For us, Service Is Everything.

 Specialists in Supplying Ingredients | Read More

From Michelin star kitchens to hotels and from education facilities to care homes, we work hard to establish an enviable reputation for supplying customers with top quality goods.

Experts in Fresh | Read More

Over fifty percent of our business is fresh, so we understand the importance of availability, quality and price. From field to Caterite and to our customers in less than 24 hours, it just does not get any fresher.

Endless Shopping Aisles | Read More

We are partnering with an ever-growing list of suppliers to give you access to an unprecedented range of products, all within the familiar ordering environment of your normal Caterite delivery.

Wine Merchant, Grapevine | Visit Grapevine

Sharing our passion for wine for over 25 years to the hospitality industry, soucrcing wines direct from over 140 suppliers across the globe, who are all specially selected for their pride, passion and quality wines.

 A Passion for Digital Innovation | Read More

Strong on tradition, we are a forward-thinking business, with a passion for digital innovation. We have a full time in-house digital and technical development team who are always working on fresh ideas to improve.

Peace of Mind, We’re Accredited | Read More

We take every step to ensure that the quality of our products follow the highest standards on food hygiene and safety. All products are checked  as part of our goods in process when they are delivered.