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"Sustainability & quality without comprimise. Preserving the countryside for the future of British farming & food"

Annabel Makin-Jones


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About Annabel

"My name is Annabel Makin-Jones, I am wife to my husband Chris, and a mother to our children Oscar and Jemima.

Having grown up on my family farm, the countryside and farming is my passion. I was involved with various farming enterprises throughout my younger years, from lambing to grading potatoes, and I am passionate about the British food industry.

I studied Agri-Food and business studies at Harper Adam University, graduating in 2004, and I am now striving to ensure that my business is sustainable and does not compromise meeting the needs of future generations, and ultimately, my children.

As well as growing cereals on the farm, my key focus and enterprise is growing strawberries. Having left Harper Adams in 2004, I have been working within the family business since, and with significant investment, our strawberry production has expanded and continues to do so."

“I am now striving to ensure that my future business is sustainable, and does not compromise meeting the needs of future generations.”


Producing Strawberries

Annabel's Strawberry plants are grown and produced by plant propagators who grow for them directly. They visit new plants on a regular basis to ensure that high levels of plant nutrition and care are maintained before they move to the farm to be planted ahead of the growing season. Spending a huge amount of time, looking at the characteristics of the ‘ultimate strawberry’, to enable them to work with plant breeders to assist in the development of new varieties that they could grow in the future.

Growing strawberries on irrigated hydroponic tables, under poly tunnels which provides the best possible growing conditions for the plants. The only thing they don't and can’t control is the weather!

The Farm

Sturton Grange is nestled in the countryside to the east of Leeds, a family run farm in the heart of Yorkshire. It is here they grow a number of different varieties of strawberries, to ensure that they produce high quality and flavour for their customers throughout the season. The planting of strawberry plants is staggered, starting in February ending in early July , which enables the fruit to be harvested from spring to autumn.


Why Yorkshire?

A region with rich farmland, diversity with more Michelin star restaurants than any other county in the UK. It is this special county where Annabel was born and started Annabel’s Deliciously British.

Picking and Packing Berries

Once the berries have turned red in colour, have a high sugar content, and are the correct shape and size, the harvest process commences. We harvest every single strawberry by hand into punnets, and they arrive in the packhouse no longer than 1 hour later. Once they reach the packhouse, they are cooled quickly to ensure the fruit stays as fresh for as long as possible and to keep the quality at its best. Our berries then travel through the packhouse to be inspected for a second time, each punnet is check weighed and the lid and label are applied, before being loaded onto refrigerated lorries for distribution on to our customers. Our aim is field to fork within 24hrs or less.