Tomahawk Rib



Beef Tomahawk Rib Salt Aged (1.1kg - 1.5kg)

Beef Tomahawk Rib Salt Aged (1.1kg - 1.5kg) is available to buy in increments of 0.5
The tomahawk steak is taken from the fore rib with the cap removed. The rib bone is left on and exposed up to 200mm from the eye muscle.
  • Salt Aged: Yes
    Salt Aged
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SKU 14087
About Supplier All of our beef is guaranteed to be UK sourced. We have links with over 40 Cumbrian farms, and where possible we try and use locally sourced meat in our product range. If we are not able to provide Cumbrian product you can rest assured that our product is still supporting British farmers.
Brands Caterite
Dietary & Lifestyle Salt Aged
Storage Instructions Store refrigerated between <5°C, once opened use within 48 hours
Description The tomahawk steak is taken from the fore rib with the cap removed. The rib bone is left on and exposed up to 200mm from the eye muscle.
About Producer Caterite’s specialist butchery division offers an exceptional range of fresh, high quality meat, poultry and game in a choice of cuts to satisfy all of our customer requirements. We can provide full traceability and demand the highest standards of hygiene and safety. We are proud to announce that during our most recent audit, our butchery was awarded a BRC Grade A for the production of meat products.
Additional Information Our himalayan salt wall was hand built using a bespoke racking system to house the bricks to optimise air flow, and maximise the effects of the salt ageing process.
Country of Origin Great Britain
Accreditation, Certification and Assurance Schemes BRC 'Grade AA' 2021 BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme, used by over 20,000 businesses in 90 countries.
Defrosting guidelines Products should be thawed in the fridge over a 24 hour period (not exceeding a temperature of 5°c), and be fully defrosted before use.
Freezing guidelines Freeze on the day of purchase, ensure the product is fully wrapped and sealed before placing in the freezer. Products can be stored for up to 3 months from the date of freezing in the freezer.
Size kg
Pack Size 1
Product Characteristics Salt Aged
Brand Local
Red = does contain | Amber = may contain | Grey = does not contain
  • Does not contain Celery (and celeriac)
    Celery (and celeriac)
  • Does not contain Cereals containing Gluten
    Cereals containing Gluten
  • Does not contain Crustaceans
  • Does not contain Eggs
  • Does not contain Fish
  • Does not contain Lupin
  • Does not contain Milk
  • Does not contain Molluscs
  • Does not contain Mustard
  • Does not contain Nuts
  • Does not contain Peanuts
  • Does not contain Sesame
  • Does not contain Soybeans
  • Does not contain Sulphur Dioxide
    Sulphur Dioxide
  • Salt Aged: Yes
    Salt Aged

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