Fresh black truffles harvested to order

 Fresh black truffles harvested to order
NEW to Caterite Connect. We are proud to be able to offer you some of the finest truffles available. All of our truffles are freshly sourced in central Italian woodland using traditional methods. Customers can order our truffles online and orders are sent directly to our truffle supplier who will harvest to order. Our fresh truffles are harvested in Italy, a country renowned for the precious White and Black varieties. Our suppliers knowledge of the territory and close relationships with a network of truffle hunters and years of experience allow us to offer a product with unmistakable appearance fragrance and taste.
Fresh Italian truffles are one of the worlds greatest and most sought after gourmet ingredients with their alluring aroma and the remarkable flavour they deliver to countless dishes is absolutely unique. 
Place your orders before midnight Sunday for Thursday delivery. 



The truffle, a precious underground fungus, has ancient origins, some scholars believe that this rare product of the earth was already known and consumed at the time of the Sumerians (mixed with vegetables and legumes) and Babylonians (IV -II millennium BC).