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Jangro Passes CHSA Distribution Test

Posted | 22nd June 2017

As a proud Jangro Distributor, we are delighted to learn Jangro was one of the first distributors accredited by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) new Accredited Distributors Scheme!

To be accredited, Jangro has to go through an independent rigorous audit with regular followup audits, offering buyers certainty and confidence that high standards are maintained.

Being a CHSA-approved distributor means Jangro will "only offer CHSA-Accredited products or products that meet the same high standards" to customers.

Jangro is the UK’s largest independent distribution network of products for the professional cleaning industry, boasting a total of 44 distributors across the UK, Ireland and Isle of Man. The Jangro mark has evolved over the years to be recognised as the premier independent brand for the professional janitorial service contractor.

More details about CHSA accreditation and Jangro visit 

Jangro CHSA


Posted | 3rd May 2017

Advance in Technology

Here in Caterite, we stock over 350 lines of fresh fruit and vegetables from exotic cress, edible flowers to seasonal greens and salad essentials. All prices are listed in our advanced eCommerce website where you can find allergy information; view similar products; check order history; place orders, print invoices and much more.

We have made some significant investments recently in technology and infrastructure, from state of the art voice-picking, real time stock checking, warehouse renovation to new Mercedes fridge/freezer vans. Everything we can offer to you for fresher and better quality products. From the field to your doorstep, all our fresh goods are delivered and stored in an unbroken cool chain to maintain maximum freshness when delivered to our customers. We maintain the ‘Higher Level’ NSF Certification for food wholesaling, Storage and Distribution.

Today, our fresh produce department has doubled in size and is the biggest department in the company. With the addition of Four Seasons Fresh and James Fruit and Veg, we have never been in a better position to offer our customers the largest range of fresh produce available with best quality and most competitive price.

Ethical Sourcing

We source our fresh products from over 30 suppliers globally, most of which are growers and exporters to minimise the involvement of middlemen. This gives us maximum control over product quality and keeps us competitive in pricing so our customers can enjoy tasty seasonal products at best value.

When choosing suppliers, it is not only the product quality we care about but the way they source their products, how they treat their suppliers and the environment. We always check their accreditations, assurance certificates and whether they comply with ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative).

Did you know we regularly give fresh foods that have passed their best before date free of charge to Lake District Wildlife Park to keep animals fit and healthy while reducing waste to the planet?

Lake District Wild Life Park Zebras

Caterite's Logistics

Posted | 24th April 2017


The Transport Department is our biggest and fastest growing department. We now boast a fleet of 38 vehicles with 37 drivers delivering over 500 orders daily. All our vehicles are refrigerated to ensure your orders arrive in optimum freshness and we have recently introduced a number of Mercedes Benz vans, all with independent freezer compartment. With constant addition of new vehicles, our total weight capacity will reach 100,000kg by next year. We are currently installing a state of the art tracking system so we know where our drivers are and can inform customers about possible delays in advance. This also allows us to do better route mapping to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Customer Service

We understand our drivers are the person you see most often and are the live faces of Caterite which is why we take driver training seriously. All our drivers must go through a driving and customer service assessment every two months and we have an in-house driving instructor to continuously improve our service standard. All vehicles and container baskets are cleaned daily to ensure we arrive at your kitchen in an impeccable state.  We also try to keep same driver on the same route as much as we can so our drivers get to know all the backroads and secret alleys to arrive on time whatever the road condition. Perhaps more importantly they can then get to know our customers’ preferences and able to deliver that extra mile which is normal in Caterite.


We pride ourselves in being a good employer because only happy drivers will make happy customers. We strictly abide the latest regulations on driver’s working hours to keep our drivers safe and healthy. Our drivers are paid above average at competitive rate within industry standards and have access to many company benefits.


We deliver to all areas in Cumbria, South Scotland and North Lancashire 6 days a week. Take a look at the map in our "Opening Hours & Distribution" page or give us a call to see when we deliver to your area. Our delivery routes are always expanding so even if we don’t deliver to your area now, we might be able to do so soon.

New Uniform

Have you noticed the new uniform our drivers’ wearing? Smart looking, aren’t’ they? These new uniforms are not only comfortable but also very weather proof to protect our drivers against our fabulous British weather. 

Driver by Caterite van logo

How do you design the perfect kid’s menu?

Posted | 18th April 2017

Is your menu still consisting of boring chicken nuggets and margherita pizza only? Kid’s menus are becoming more and more popular and varied and have become a key factor when parents are choosing where to dine. So how do you make your kid’s menu stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to get you started before the Easter Holiday ends:

1. Add variety to your menu: most kid’s menus consist of 3-4 main dishes only, so why not add another item to make it more appealing? People don’t want to be restricted, especially children.

2. Start from what you have. Kid’s menus don’t have to be different from adult’s menus. Upgrade your starter or size down your main course to make the perfect kid’s menu without any extra cost.

3. Think about the nutritional value. Parents want their children to be healthy and develop good eating habits so why not swap your French fries for a fresh side salad and replace ice cream with creamy yogurts? We also stock a wide range of free from products so you cater to everyone's needs.

4. Change the design of the menu to make it more child friendly. Change your kid’s menu to an activity sheet for colouring, Sudoku or word games!

Kids Menu