Experts in fresh

We have an ever-growing range of over 1000+ fresh lines available to order from Caterite, including a superb range of 350+ seasonal fresh produce lines, 200+ freshly prepared lines and 300+ fresh meat lines all carefully selected by our experts in fresh.


Fresh Meat

High quality meat, poultry, and game

All of our fresh meat is guaranteed to be UK sourced. We have links with over 40 Cumbrian farms, and where possible we try and use locally sourced meat in our product range. If we are not able to provide Cumbrian product you can rest assured that our product is still supporting British farmers.

Fresh Prep 

Fresh cut, high quality produce

Our focus is to lead in the creation of highly popular seasonal freshly prepared ranges showcasing a wide range of products from potato chips to Parisienne beetroot. CaterPrep currently produces over 200 different ready to use prepared lines to help busy chefs save time and money in the kitchen, without compromising on quality, specification or freshness.


Fresh Produce

Sourcing the best quality fresh ingredients

Over fifty percent of our business is fresh, so we understand the importance of availability, quality and price. We have developed and grown our fresh produce range over a number of years, and now offer the most expansive and accessible fresh produce range in Cumbria. With over 350 lines of fresh fruit and vegetables ranging from all the basics, to micro herbs, edible flowers, seasonal greens, and exotics.


The Salt Chamber


Our salt chamber is packed with some sensational local and British produce, including salt aged beef, lamb, pork, venison and duck.


Salt Blocks

Our Himalayan salt wall was hand built using a bespoke racking system to house the bricks to optimise air flow, and maximise the effects of the salt ageing process. The translucent blocks which vary in colour from white to orange and a myriad of shades of pink were imported from mines in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistans Punjab region which date back over 250 million years. Each of the 2000 salt blocks was individually hand cut. The health and therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt have been known for centuries but its benefits in the dry ageing of meat are only a recent phenomenon.

Fresh Meat

Ageing Process

Through a process called ionisation the negative ions from the salt counteract the positive ions of meat and result in a totally unique sweet and flavoursome end product. It is not the salt alone but a combination of temperature and humidity combined that deliver supreme dry aged meat. The salt wall creates the perfect environment over the ageing period and concentrates the flavour of the meat. It purifies the air in the room producing a clean and fresh atmosphere. Whether it is science or alchemy or a combination of both the result is aged meat with a purity of flavour not often encountered before.

28 Day Salt Aged Steaks

Locally sourced Cumbrian beef aged for a minimum of 28 days and broken down into steaks by our experienced Butchers.

Salt Aged Ducks

Our ducks are delivered fresh to us every week. We salt age the products in a controlled environment for 10 days in order to enhance the flavour before they are packed on site.

Supporting UK Farms

We work directly with farmers across the UK for all our fresh meat, we make sure that the farmers are only using produce reared to the highest welfare standards.

UK Nationwide Delivery

New Service from Caterite, allowing chefs to receive Creedy Carver salt aged ducks via courier all over the country. Direct message us for more information.


Freshly prepared and fresh meat 

Production Facilities 

We have two production facilities at Caterite, one being our freshly prepared fruit and vegetables preparation facility based in Penrith and the other being our fresh meat production facility with a sauasge and burger preparation room based in Embleton.

Fresh Prep - Our production line includes a batch industrial peeler capable of handling 50 kilos of potatoes per load, an auto dosing dipper system to protect the quality of the product, an electrical waste compactor and stainless steel slicer, shredder, dicer and chipper. As well as an automated baton making unit complete with de-slithering machine. All equipment and components are made using easy to clean, food grade materials to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Fresh Meat - Our sausage & burger production facility produces over 5 tonnes of sausage a week, and employs two dedicated butchers who are the creators and brains behind our famous sausage recipe, known for its quality, specially selected ingredients and unique taste.


Fresh ingredients
Quality Control


All of our fresh ingredients go through a three phase quality check programme to ensure the highest standards of quality and freshness. All of our products are checked as part of our goods in process when they are delivered. Any product that doesn’t align with our standards are rejected at this point. We employ a team which consists of former chefs and fresh produce buyers that have a wealth of experience in the industry. 

Direct from supplier
Ingredient Sourcing


We source our fresh produce direct from suppliers locally and globally, most of which are growers and exporters, this ensures fresh quality produce and better delivery. When choosing suppliers, it is not only the product quality we care about but the way they source their products, how they treat their suppliers and the environment. We always check their accreditations, assurance certificates and whether they comply with ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative).


Our packaging varies across our full range, this is down to supplier and availabilty. We use biodegradble or compostable packaging to pack our fresh products. Some items may come pre-packed.



We regularly cook with our fresh produce in our demonstration kitchen to see how the product holds up during the cooking process and of course most importantly, to taste the flavour and to educate our team.


Customer Visit

Our customers regularly visit the site to look round our butchery, prep facility and produce chiller, have a chance to meet our team, cook with fresh ingredients in our development kitchen and explore in season products.

P E R F E C T   F O R   S U M M E R  

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S E A S O N A L 

Spring Lambs


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The Tomato Stall 



Sustainable Statement

Cumbria is the third largest county in England and is home to the world-renowned Lake District. The Caterite depot is situated right in the heart of Cumbria, and we are acutely aware of our role in the preservation of our landscape. We have chosen to collaborate with ClimatePartner to help us identify targets, initiatives and solutions to help us and operate in a more environmental and sustainable way.

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