Caterprep was formed in 2018 and currently produces over 200 different ready to use prepared lines to help busy chefs save time and money in the kitchen, without compromising on quality, specification or freshness.

The team is made up of a mixture of chefs, kitchen and manufacturing experienced members, who help us deliver the product range our customers are looking for. We can produce 1,000 kilos of potatoes per hour, and are constantly updating our range to accomodate customer requests and the latest food trends.

Video CaterPrep Facility: CaterPrep Fruit & Veg Prep Centre is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Production and Facility

Our production line includes a batch industrial peeler capable of handling 50 kilos of potatoes per load, an auto dosing dipper system to protect the quality of the product, an electrical waste compactor and stainless steel slicer, shredder, dicer and chipper. As well as an automated baton making unit complete with de-slithering machine. All equipment and components are made using easy to clean, food grade materials to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Our production area is purposely built for wet operations with resin coater, water proof floor and dedicated fast flow drainage system. Starch and waste peel are drained and pressed through an electrical centrifuge waste compactor and turned into a dry cake material which can be sold to other processers specializing in starch refining or animal feed.

Operational 24 hours a day to ensure that the products our customers receive are as fresh as possible. Prepared product offering is all about service, and this along with product quality is top of the agenda for the Caterprep team. Caterprep is part of the Caterite Group and makes use of the vast distribution network, enabling 1000s of customers to use the service every week. Customers can order products up to midnight for next day delivery.

Why Buy Prep

Today's chefs face many challenges. Kitchen areas are often small and cramped to maximise table areas. Rising labour costs puts additional pressure onto the kitchens bottom line. Buying from Caterprep saves you time and money, and enhances efficiency and morale in your kitchen.

Chefs can be freed from the preparation stage and focus on creating new and innovative culinary sensations. Caterprep can also help to reduce your food waste levels and help to keep your kitchen areas clean.

Ingredients and Sourcing

We try to source our ingredients from local growers or at least UK suppliers as much as possible to reduce the time products spend in transit and help reduce food miles and our carbon footprint. We also try to source from growers and exporters whenever we can to minimise the involvement of secondary wholesalers. This gives us maximum control over product quality and keeps us competitive on pricing, allowing our customers to enjoy quality seasonal products at their best value.

Quality Control

Quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do. Caterprep operates under BRC standards and our products go through a triple check system before delivery. All of the Caterprep team are fully trained in food hygiene and safety.


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