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Country Range is the leading independent foodservice brand, providing customers with a value-for-money proposition without compromising on taste or quality. An industry leading range of products, with over 700 products in the range covering grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food, the Country Range name is known for the quality, consistency and affordability of its products, and is widely regarded as the best in foodservice.



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Country Range Products

Packaging that engages and sells

A huge amount of effort goes into ensuring Country Range products arrive in your kitchen with clear and concise on-pack detail. The black and silver design has become synonymous with the brand and whilst they recently updated the look, you’ll still recognise it as Country Range.

The brand is working hard to find a long-term sustainable approach to its packaging, while still maintaining the same high quality of the products. As new products are developed, Country Range is looking to reduce the amount of packaging used and increase the recyclability of the materials it contains.




Indusrty News
Stir It Up Magazine

Stir it Up is the magazine produced exclusively for Country Range Group customers and is read by over 50,000 chefs and independent business owners , creating a stir in the catering industry.

The magazine can make all the difference to suppliers, empowering them to reach caterers with their sales messages through engaging, audience-targeted customer audiences. Stir it Up is also invaluable in informing the Group’s sales and telesales teams. What’s more, the magazine does all the heavy-lifting for suppliers in educating all members individually about new products, promotions, and more – saving hundreds of hours of calls and outreach. It all goes in Stir it Up and efficiently reaches all members in one go.

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Commitment to the future

The Country Range Group understands that their responsibility extends further than enabling members to achieve faster, more profitable growth. They believe that they have a duty to give back to the communities in which members operate and promote sustainable and ethical practices in every aspect of our business.

" Our commitment to the future is centred on our belief that as a group, we have a significant role to play in addressing some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. By aligning our Group’s values with our operational practices, we can create a positive impact that benefits our members, our employees and the wider community." Country Range 

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