How it works!

This year we are continuing our unique concept...

We are excited to be starting 2019 with our food and drink expo at the Low Wood Bay, Windermere. All of our customers have the chance to be a part of both our online and physical expos, taking the pressure off ordering on the day and giving you more time to take advantage of the best deals.

This means we are able to:

  • Invite more suppliers than ever before.
  • Include more products than ever before.
  • Offer bigger discounts than ever before.
  • Reach our entire customer base.

Register now and you will have between 21st January and 10th February to place your orders for a range of delivery dates convenient to you in the weeks commencing 4th March, 11th March and 18th March.

As a Caterite customer, you will be able to access your purchase history online and see the savings you can make in a simple, easy to read format. There are more than 2,000 products available from over 100 suppliers with savings of up to 50% on many key lines.

Last year our online Big Sale was a huge success with our customers saving thousands – do not miss out!