Strong on tradition, Caterite is a forward-thinking business, with a passion for digital innovation. We have a full time in-house digital and technical development team who are always working on fresh ideas to improve both the customer and employee experience.

The following are just of few of the major investments we have made in our technology and infrastructure.

Our Misson

"To deliver the ultimate customer experience for food and wine service through cutting edge technology, industry leading products and continually investing in our people."

Lorcan Byrne, Managing Director


Warehouse Management System and Voice Picking 

We have utilised a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) that monitors inventory  level and stock movement in real time. This system streamlines daily operations, releases staff and storage space, improves order fulfilment rate, reduces waste and pre-empts any potential issues.


This eventually brings down our operational costs and converts into more competitive prices for customers. Our supply rate is 99.4%, which means we only missed 6 items for next day delivery per 1,000 items ordered until the midnight before. Our warehouse is currently 99% paper free and all orders are picked through voice instructions. This new technology greatly improves picking accuracy and productivity by freeing operators’ hands and eyes. As a result, our year to date (2020) picking accuracy rate is 99.9%, meaning that only one mistake per 1,000 items.

Fleet Managment and Logistics

We introduced ‘Microlise’ to our transport department several years ago. Microlise is a world-class fleet management system that uses the latest geo-technology to provide real-time visibility of vehicle status against schedule and location. It maximises asset utilisation, increases efficiency, improves safety and driver performance, whilst also reducing the cost and environmental impact of our fleet operations. As a result of this, our fuel consumption went down by 5% in the first month of its introduction.

We recently invested in 49 electronic ePod devices which are now live on the road. Every order is now scanned on and off our vehicles ensuring a full audit trail and eliminating the possibility of incomplete deliveries. This system also reduces paperwork and enables us to capture and retrieve proof of delivery with every delivery made.

We are now in the process of integrating the ePod devices with our Microlise system, so every time a delivery is made, the Microlise system will receive a notification from the ePod with both the time of arrival and departure. We aim to develop this further so we are in a position to provide an accurate real-time delivery estimate for each and every one of our deliveries each day. 

Caterite Connect

Connect is a brand-new, bespoke and free service offered by Caterite. We are partnering with an ever-growing list of suppliers to give our customers access to an unprecedented range of products, all within the familiar ordering environment and convenience of your normal Caterite delivery. If you prefer the more traditional methods of ordering and would like to still place your orders over the phone with our customer service team, you can still take full advantage of Connect.

Wherever you see the Connect logo, you will see underneath an estimated delivery date. This delivery date is customised to you and your delivery schedule. If you are happy with this date, simply add to your basket and confirm your delivery preferences and we’ll take care of the rest. Customers will experience an improved shopping and browsing experience as you are able to explore more products, focusing on current trends, innovation and local produce.

One of our main objectives through Connect is to give our customer base access to the largest range of Cumbrian produced products, and we are committed to working with every Cumbrian producer and highlighting the fantastic produce right on our doorstep.

If you are a supplier or producer reading this, I hope you are equally as excited! Our purchasing team are ready and waiting to explain how Connect works for you and detail the many benefits to your businesses. Highlighting your product portfolio to a bigger audience, through one of the most advanced websites in foodservice, with a Company who has an award-winning customer service; Get in Touch.

(PIMs) Product Information Management System

A recent addition to Caterite. Our Product Information Management system, is a hub in the cloud which stores all of our product information. We introduced this platform to take more control of our data as we had it spread across numerous platforms. We also took this as an opportunity to fully enrich all of our products with as much data as possible.

Our goal is to have the best product information in foodservice. All product information stored in our PIM will appear on the website.  Our product pages on the website have been designed to make your shopping experience better with over 100 attributes available to view from nutritional values, allergens, ingredients, directions for use, accreditations and much more. 


Allergen Information

All allergen information is provided to Caterite by the supplier when agreed to stock the product. There are 14 major allergens which need to be declared when used as ingredients: Celery / Cereals containing gluten / Crustaceans / Eggs / Fish / Lupin / Milk / Molluscs / Mustard / Nuts / Peanuts / Sesame Seeds / Soya / Sulphur dioxide. Allergen information is available to view for all products on our website and on the product packaging.

You can also access your allergen information as a downloadable CSV file. This will include allergen information for all the products you have purchased in the last 6 months, making it easier for you to control and update your menus.

Click here to download your allergen information


The information on our product pages has been supplied by the manufacturers of the products and, whilst we take steps to ensure the information is regularly updated, this information may change. Please always read product labels carefully in addition to using the information provide by Caterite Food and Wineservice Ltd.

We are now working with Erudus, bottlebooks and direct with our suppliers to ensure we have the best product information available for our customers.

What is Erudus?

Erudus provides Caterite with comprehensive nutritional breakdowns, dietary advice and allergen information on over 10,000 products that companies are purchasing through one data source. It aims to make it easier for companies to access the information they will need to provide to their customers.

What is Bottlebooks?

Bottlebooks is an online information platform that provides a standard and automated way in which wine businesses can collect, store and share wine data. Their software allows producers to enter their latest brand and wine attribute data, which is then securely stored and shared with collectors who use it for enhanced decision-making, enriching the customer experience and producing marketing and sales content.