The Tomato Stall

Purveyors of delicious tomatoes grown with love on the sunny Isle of Wight.

About The Tomato Stall

The Tomato Stall was started in 2007 to showcase the speciality organic and conventional tomato varieties grown on their Isle of Wight nursery.

The reception to the tomatoes received at farmers' markets was overwhelming and, over time, they travelled far and wide trading at markets all over the south and throughout central London including the now famous Borough Market.


The Team

Both of the head growers at The Tomato Stall boast a wealth of experience and expertise (50 years combined). They grow a wide range of tomatoes both organically and conventionally, with up to 200 varieties grown and trialled each year. 


The Tomato Stall's entire growing system is completely biodegradeable, from the coconut husk that the plants are grown in to the string that supports them. They compost all the plant waste and use the resulting compost to enrich the soil of the organic crops the following year.

Having a composting facility also gives them the opportunity to fine tune the nutrient requirements for specific organic crops. This has helped to reduce fertiliser inputs, improve soil fertility and structure resulting in more delicious tomatoes. 

Nature Friendly Farming

The Tomato Stall use natural predators to control pests, and the pollination of all the plants is done by a team of bumblebees that are native to the UK.

They also carry the LEAF mark which works with farms to ensure that food is grown sustainbly with care for the environment.