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Weekly Produce News

What’s happening in the chiller this week:

Chilean Onions, these are all but now finished as we move back over onto Spanish Large Onions. These are early season products meaning they will have a lighter and slightly flaky skin as they are some time away from being fully set in their skins. 

Uncle David Potatoes, we will continue to stock Uncle Davids. A firm local favourite at a great price. 

Herbs & Micros, we will increase our herb offering and reintroduce a limited Micro range over the next few weeks. Westlands availability lists will be made available to all cuastomers through our customer service team and any special order lines will need to be ordered in advance.

Fresh J Juices, we will only have access to the Orange with bits and Apple juice to begin with as AM Fresh look to increase the range as demand grows, this could and hopefully will change in the coming weeks.  

Supporting Local:

It is important to us that we support local growers. Here’s a few examples of what we can offer you from our local growers over the next few weeks.We will continue to support Cumbrian farmers as much as possible:

16765 - New Season Scrapers

Anyone who tried these potatoes doesn’t need a reminder as to how good these potatoes are, flaky skinned and with just a little butter they melt in your mouth.

16093 - Cauliflower

Early season samples are usually a little smaller and have a slight yellow tone but the colour and size has improved greatly these last few days.

16075 - Broccoli 

We have again gone with Stan Farrington this year as he offers by far the most consistent and freshest broccoli we can source.

16293 - Leeks

We are now working the first of the new season English Leeks.

16890 - Cochranes Local tomatoes

A perfect example of how good the produce on our doorstep really is.

16891 - Cochranes Local Vine tomatoes

As far as flavour goes these are just another level up on his superb round tom’s.

16483 - Mixed Exotic Mushrooms

We have supported and stocked several of the Smithy Mushroom’s products and will continue to offer the range going forward.
This mix is the ideal option for chefs looking for a fresh mushroom mix and at 2 x 500g packs (case can be split) its an ideal option to take a little and as often as required.

16373 - Iceberg Lettuce

Harvested and transported on the same day to offer the freshest possible produce.

16931 – Spinach

Another really strong fresh produce line from a local grower, superb quality. 



All our suppliers are as confident as they can be, and all our importers are starting to gear up to meet the challenge.

This can change almost daily as we all try to find the new norm. We will keep you up to date with the latest market news and availability through our website, emails and social media channels. 

For more intformation get in touch through our live chat below or give us a call on 017687 76000.